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Our company «Pyrotarget» develops targets and it is the developer of pyrotechnic targets and these targets have analogues only abroad.

Pyrotechnic target is a great choice for entertaining shooting. Everybody knows that shooting gallery has limited selection of targets which presents basically the sheet of paper attached to the lantern or bullet catcher , or different metal target. The exchange of this solution is pyrotechnic target ( which explodes when the bullet hits the target). For a long time similar targets that were produced only abroad had a very high price but now our company LTD «Pyrotarget» has produced the domestic analogue at the reasonable price for every lover of entertaining shooting(recommended retail price for a packing of 10 targets is 500 rubles).

IMG004The target is made from the three-layer carton with the diameter of 50 mm( the work zone which contain the pyrotechnic composition is 30 mm).The backside has double-sided tape for fixing. You can shoot out different types of weapon( carbine, pistol, pneumatic gun, gun for airsoft, crossbow, bow and others). At the moment when bullet hits the target appears the bright flash and the loud bang. And it is easy to recycle them ( because it is produced of carton it is enough to hold them in the water for several hours for utilization).


Pyrotargets are simple for shooting out with carbine equipped with optics at the distance of 100 meters , or for shooting out with pneumatic gun at the distance of 20-30 meters, and for shooting out with pistol at the distance of 10-15 meters.


Using pyrotechnic targets shooting becomes more interesting.

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